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How to use the features


Audio Enhancement

Turn FxSound on and immediately hear the difference in sound quality. FxSound  automatically restores fidelity lost through data compression to provide a high definition listening experience.


Adjust the levels Effects like Bass and Fidelity to best suit your listening tastes.


Use the award winning multi-band EQ to compensate for the limitations of any listening environment.


See FxSound enhancement at work. The spectrum displays the frequency levels of your music so that you can fine-tune the Effects and EQ to your preferences.


Choose from a list of Presets designed for specific music genres and listening environments, or create and save your own.

3D Surround Sound

Experience the rich depth of a surround sound system regardless of your speakers or headphones.

FxSound Premium

How many people can use FxSound?
Each copy of FxSound is limited to your personal use. If you're interested in buying multiple copies of FxSound for a discounted price, send us an email.
How many computers can I use FxSound with?
FxSound is limited to one computer at a time. To use FxSound on multiple computers at a time, you have to buy a copy for each computer.
Is FxSound a subscription?
FxSound is a lifetime purchase, so with this one time payment you can enjoy FxSound for life. We may, however, release major updates to FxSound that may not be included with this purchase.
Do I have to buy new versions when updates come?
Outside of major overhauls to FxSound, all updates come included with your lifetime purchase.
Is this the same as DFX Audio Enhancer?
The core technology and audio enhancement that came with DFX is now in the new and improved FxSound Enhancer. You get a newly optimized listening experience with a much improved look and user functionality.
Are there discounts if I'm upgrading from DFX Audio Enhancer?
Yes! If you had DFX Audio Enhancer, you can upgrade for a discount here.

Featured Questions

How do I register FxSound?
Once you've purchased FxSound, you will get an email with a serial number. Once you enter that serial number into FxSound, you will unlock the fully optimized listening experience! Click here for more help.
Why am I still getting popups even after I've paid for Premium?
You likely need to enter your serial number that you received in an email when you purchased FxSound. See more instructions here.
I can't find my serial number. How do I get it back?
No problem! Just follow the instructions here and we will resend you your serial number.
Does FxSound work for phones? What about Mac?
For the FxSound listening experience on mobile, check out our DFX music player for Android! 

Need more help?

Check out our Support pages here. Or send us an email.