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System Requirements

Efficient Performance Using Minimal CPU

We believe that no matter how good the sound is, it is useless if it bogs down your entire computer. Therefore we make it a priority that FxSound Enhancer runs as efficiently as possible. FxSound uses only your CPU to do its processing, and does not depend on any features of your sound card or PC sound system. Furthermore, FxSound uses minimal CPU power to do its processing, and can easily run on a processor as slow as a 133MHz Pentium. So whether you have basic or advanced sound setups, FxSound will be fully compatible and complement your PC audio.


FxSound is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We are not compatible with Mac OS, but could look to add compatibility in the future.

Windows XP

FxSound on Windows XP works differently than on newer versions of Windows OS. If you are using FxSound on Windows XP, you'll get dramatically improved sound quality for most of your favorite websites, browsers, and media players, but not all your PC audio playback. To get FxSound enhanced sound quality for your whole PC, please upgrade your Windows operating system to Vista, Windows 7, or later.

High Performance With Low Requirements