FxSound Reviews

Incredible improvements in music. This FX Sound is INSANELY good. Keep up the good work!! - Teun van Rijswijk

As a former radio broadcast professional, I have always been particular about the quality of audio I listen to on professionally produced recordings I may have access to enjoy, either on the radio or in my personal music collection. The same holds true for audio I now hear on the internet. These days, I am retired from employment and find the years of listening to audio at higher than what would be considered safe levels has taken its toll on my hearing. I have been able to enhance recordings I hear thanks to FxSound. I am convinced it has helped me restore much of the quality of the audio to levels very similar to what I enjoyed 30 or 40 years ago. That's something which makes me really appreciate this product. - Ron Reams

The best audio experience. I have used other versions for years. They used to sell a component that does the same thing for your sound system that really is awesome - Songthara Omkar

Great improvement of my PC sound!
- Shintai Dichmann

Have been considering buying a decent headset but a) they're pricey, b) I had analysis paralysis and c) the recorded voice files I have to understand for my work are often poor quality anyway, and a headset wouldn't resolve that. Downloaded the free trial and after less than a minute of testing, have resolved to purchase the premium version because it solves all my problems at once. - Cary Pragdin

This is a beautiful all-purpose enhancer that can be piped into any audio your computer can play and is also surround sound setup friendly. Once set up correctly to your personal preferences it can add a nice touch to everything you hear from video games to movies and music. Just remember to lower the initial gain in your software (if possible) to make head room for the processing in order to avoid clipping. - Joseph Braid

The FX Sound Enhancer is GREAT! I am hard of hearing and this software is amazing it provides extra power, punch and clarity to sound that I need and desire. I recommend this product to everyone, not only to those that have hearing issues. You will be amazed at the difference is sound quality it provides. - Edward A. Rowe

Better quality of music with this software - Rob Willemse

The one thing I like about the FX Sound Enhancer is it give you more control over the sound you hear and you can set it more finely to what you want, weather it be a movie, music, live, digital or analog and gaming you have the sound that you want and need which makes all audio more enjoyable whatever the source its that added dimension that sometimes hard to find no matter the speaker setup and amp/sound card you have just changing from one format to another can be a nightmare, So having the FX Sound platform is best solution to the problem.
Its all great stuff and FX Sound is the best out there.
- Anthony Pearson

I bought this since I bought the Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amplifier for my PC. The external DAC/soundcard does an amazing job with the 7.1 surround sound. But the Sounds felt flat.With only 4 preset EQ profiles and no way of customizing them I bought FxSound Premium software and what a difference it made right away. The highs are more clear, and the bass is much more punchy. Would recommend this to anyone who would want more from their audio experience . - Dejan Crnkovic

Been using this app for years truly one of the best audio enhancers for windows - Paul Larson

I love the sound quality, it is just amazing! I have been using it for many years and comparing it to other products it is for sure a winner! Keep up the good work! - Sergio A Ugon

The one thing I like about the FX Sound Enhancer is that it makes the sound so much better through the sound parameters! And also it is easy to use! Recommended. - David Dukic

OMFG...... As an Audiophile,for the first time since i bought my Senheiser 598cs i hear the full capability of these headphones...I'm in an overdose of dopamine, since i have goosebump everywhere on my body,just can't believe my ears...This Apps is the real deal....worth the 50 bucks! - Cedrik Charette

The graphic equalizer on the FX Platform is fantastic. Easily get the right sound out of my speakers/headphones without becoming too tinny or muddy. - Bernie Herrera

Can't seem to listen to anything without it now since I bought it. Love this product. Good work guys. You have enhanced my love of listening to music with the FX Sound Enhancer. - CL Leon

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